30 Hyphenated Baby Names That Are Too Cute to Resist

30 Hyphenated Baby Names That Are Too Cute to Resist

Whether you despise or admire them, hyphenated names are significant. When it comes to “two first names,” people have strong feelings.

For example, in English, my name, Mara José, is Mary Jo. It’s not hyphenated, but it’s intended to be spoken as a unit. I used to hyphenate it when I was younger, and I’m considering doing it again so that people know that THAT IS my name.

True, any name can be combined or hyphenated, but I believe the key is to make it flow. If you want your child’s name to be Emma-Rose rather than just Emma, the second name should be short and charming. If you’re not sure, say it out loud a few times to get a feel for it. If it’s too much of a hassle, try a different combination. Marie, Ray, Lee, Jo, Jean, Mae, Grace, and Paul are some of the more popular second names for hyphenated names.

Here’s a list of hyphenated names for both boys and girls; nevertheless, there are more girl names because the trend seems to favor them.


1. Mary-Jo

2. Lauren-May

3. John-Paul

4. Anne-Marie

5. Sarah-Jane

6. Ruby-Grace

7. Emma-Claire

8. Lisa-Marie

9. Mark-Paul

10. Mary-Jane

11. Baylee-Ann

12. Chloe-Louise

13. Billy-Joe

14. Oliver-James

15. Harvey-Lee

16. Lacey-Mae

17. Mary-Elizabeth

18. Anna-Sophia

19. Ana-Maria

20. Mary-Kate

21. Billie-Jean

22. Jamie-Lynn

23. Poppy-Grace

24. Jack-Thomas

25. John-Bryan

26. Juan-Vicente

27. Peter-Alexander

28. Ella-Rose

29. Lexi-Grace

30. Mason-Lee

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