29 Baby Names Inspired by Wintertime

I’m not naming a new baby in December; instead, I’m celebrating my little one’s first birthday! If I were still expecting and looking for a name, these “wintery” baby names would be towards the top of my list.

Some are inspired by the season, while others are inspired by the holidays – but no matter what time of year your baby is born, these baby names are all lovely!

Look over this list and choose your favorites.

1. Robin

A robin is a winter bird.

2. Noel

Noel is the perfect Christmasy moniker!

3. Alpine

The word “alpine” literally means “from the Alps,” and conjures up wintery images of snowy mountains.

4. Neve

As a variant of the Latin “Neva,” this pretty name means “snow.”

5. Lumi

Lumi also means “snow” in Finnish.

6. Jenara

Jenara is of Latin origin, and means “January.”

7. January

Of course, January itself is a great name for a girl — remember the popular Mad Men actress January Jones?

8. Jack

To get the winter reference, think Jack Frost!

9. Icelyn

OK, so “Ice” might be a bit much, but this is a nice feminine variation on the word.

10. Ivy

This winter vine is bright and beautiful, even in the dead of winter.

11. Holly

These are both beautiful winter berries and a popular girl’s name.

12. Alaska

This state (which knows its fair share about winter) makes a great girl’s name.

13. Aspen

This name, borrowed from a popular winter ski resort town, is trendy and cute.

14. Aubin

This is a French name meaning “white.”

15. Bianca

This lovely Italian name also means “white.”

16. Gwyneth

Gwyneth is Welsh for “white.”

17. Garnet

The birthstone for the winter month of January makes a great male or female name.

18. Gabriel

Gabriel is the name of an angel in the Christmas story.

19. Eirwen

This Welsh name means “white as snow.”

20. Eira

Eira is an uncommon Welsh name and also means “snow.”

21. Douglas

This is the name of one of the most popular varieties of Christmas trees.

22. Carol

Carol is a perfect, celebratory name for a Christmas baby.

23. Demi

Demi is a shorter version of “Demeter,” the Greek goddess responsible for winter.

24. December

December might not be the most popular when it comes to “months-as-names,” but it’s one of my favorites!

25. Crispin

This name is perfect for a baby born on a crisp winter day.

26. Snow

Reminiscent of Snow White, this name is also ideal for a baby born in the coldest months of the year.

27. Wren

I love this sweet name. Like the robin, wren is also a winter bird!

29. Winter

This name has a crisp, unisex feel to it.

29. Elsa

The name Elsa was made more popular by the movie Frozen, and is sure to top the charts for quite a while!

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